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Get ready to be a part of history as we celebrate the 78th Indonesia National Electricity Day presented by MKI and Enlit Asia. Immerse yourself in the world of electricity and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and innovative solutions shaping the industry. With a packed lineup of knowledgeable speakers, interactive exhibitions, and networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for anyone working in or interested in the  electricity sector. Mark your calendars and join us in Jakarta on 14th – 16th November 2023!

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The Indonesian Electrical Power Society has a proud history of hosting events that bring together the brightest minds in the industry. Each of these experiences has furthered our mission of advancing the electrical power sector in Indonesia. 

The Directorate General of Electricity - Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, PT. PLN (Persero) and the Indonesian Electrical Power Society have taken the initiative to conduct “THE 77th INDONESIA NATIONAL ELECTRICITY DAY EVENT SERIES – 2022” which be held from 29th–30th November 2022 at the Ballroom Hotel Mulia, Jakarta. With theme “POST G20 SUMMIT: ENERGY TRANSITION ROAD MAP TO ACHIEVE NET ZERO EMISSION IN 2060”.

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"Membangun Sinergi Nasional untuk Mencapai Target NDC 2023 Dalam Mempersiapkan dalam Mempersiapkan Transisi menuju NZE 2060"

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Seminar Kesetaraan Gender di Sektor Ketenagalistrikan

"Ensuring Achievement of Indonesia NDC Targer through Women Empowerment in Electricity Sector"

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Webinar MKI - HME ITB #3

"Emission Reduction Technology in Indonesian Electricity Generation Sector"

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Webinar MKI - HME ITB #2

"Potential Technology for Renewable-Energy-Based Power Generation"

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Webinar MKI - HME ITB #1

"Potential Technology for New-Energy-Based Power Generation"

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Bedah Buku PLTSurya

MKI bekerjasama dengan IKPLN menyelenggarakan bedah buku virtual "Introduksi Pusat Listrik Tenaga Surya: Skala Utilitas" karya Agus Darmadai

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MKI 2nd Webinar FABA

Setelah sebelumnya MKI mengadakan Webinar FABA bersama PWI Jaya, kini kembali dengan seri kedua: "Best Practice for Coal Ash Utilization and Handling" 

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Webinar Series EBT

MKI Webinar Series EBT dengan tema "Pembangunan Ekonomi Hijau dan Berkelanjutan Berbasis REBID"

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MKI - PWI Webinar

Sebuah Webinar Forum PWI Jaya Series bersama Masyarakat Ketenagalistrikan Indonesia dengan tema: "Mengoptimalkan Manfaat FABA untuk Pembangunan Ekonomi"

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MKI- ExxonMobil Webinar

7 episodes of MKI’s webinar series with ExxonMobil, focusing on Efficiency in Power Generation with the main topic; Identifying High Efficiency and Latest Technology of Indonesia’s Power Plants 

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75th Indonesia National Electricity Day

Seminar digital dan TV show dalam rangka perayaan Hari Listrik Nasional Indonesia ke-75 pada tahun 2020

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MKI - Enlit Digital Series

The Indonesia’s New Energy Paradigm series provides unique insights and unveils a wealth of opportunities in ASEAN’s largest energy market. 

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MKI - HAKIT Webinar

A webinar with topic "Empowering the Value of Asset" and brought up a theme "Need to Change in Enrichment Value of Asset"

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MKI Jumpa Dirjen Gatrik

75 Tahun Kemerdekaan RI: "Sudahkah Pelayanan Listrik Cukup, Merata dan Berkeadilan?"

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