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Post G20 Summit: Energy Transition Road Map to Achieve Net Zero Emission in 2060


Utilizing the Decarbonization Flexible Technology for Grid Stability


   By participating in this Event, you will gain a high-profile exposure to in-depth and

up-dated information of the latest issues and advances in electrical technology, regulations

and business opportunity in Indonesia. This will make your institution reap sustainable

business benefits in the electricity industry in Indonesia  


To provide and share the latest information on technology options and economics in the electrical power supply in Indonesia. - To demonstrate the capacity and potency of Indonesia’s resources, in terms of products and services in the electricity sector, to seize power project opportunities in Indonesia. 



To promote an effective and mutually beneficial networks, understanding, and cooperation among of the Indonesian electricity business stakeholders, covering all aspects of doing good business including but not limited to project financing, export credit, technology, products and services, business partnership/joint venture, and transfer of technology.

To exchange information, knowledge and experience in the electrical power business with the possibility of creating a breakthrough, establishing a benchmark for performance improvements, and resulting in concrete actions to further the business cooperation in the electrical power sector.  


Stakeholders in the electrical power supply business including but not limited to developers, investors, supporting manufacturing and services industries, banking/financial institution, and EPC players

Governments – central and regional, regulators

Academic community, economist & industrial observers