MKI Member Benefits

Member Benefits: 

1. Positions and views, recommendations and opinions of every MKI members as stakeholders of the Indonesian electrical power sector could be appropriately channeled and have opportunities to be listened and considered by policy makers as MKI establishment is in accordance with the stipulation of Law No 15/1985. 

2. With MKI team based organization structure, every member could take active participation in the team of his/her choice and extend their professional, business or general opinions and views in addressing common problems and rising issues. 

3. Although MKI may release certain positions or opinions on issues, each MKI member may give different opinions than MKI organization 

4. Other benefit of MKI members is gaining information and business network for sharing information and experience that could enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations and opening up business. 

5. Through workshops, seminars, and conventions held by MKI, members could increase their intellectual capacity in various aspects such as technology, business, relations, and individual development in effective and targeted manner.